ART - Decorative

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Maker Title
Black lacquer stand with cushion
Step-cut Ship's Decanter
Muir, Graham Seal Bowl
Drakeford, Bridget Bowl, 1986
Young, Hella Large Green Bowl, 1959
Edward, G Teaset - teapot, sugar and cream in silver with EPNS kettle and stand, Glasgow
Aitchison, Alexander Silver coffee urn, Edinburgh, 1767
Johnston, Alexander Bullet teapot by A Johnston, Dundee
Steven, John table bell, Dundee
Scott, William (silversmith) Pierced silver cake basket by W. Scott
Tea service, Kyoto ware
Glob, Lotte Lilac Pool, 1987
Chelsea Pair of Chelsea figures with baskets, man and woman. Red Anchor period
Cattrell, Annie Capacity
Reid, Colin Untitled R1198
Romanelli, Bruno Recollection of a Time IV
Nelson, Harry Raku and Lustre Bowl, 1992
Crooks, Thomas Portrait Dish, 1993
MacIntyre, Muriel J. C. Fire Bowl - Large, 1993
Bird, Stephen Man with bath on his head, 2000
A.W. Punch ladle with whalebone handle
Glob, Lotte Rock Tooth No 3, 1994
Glob, Lotte Geyser blue, 1994
Glob, Lotte Bowl, 1994
Thompson, Edward Small black brown bowl, 1995
Thompson, Edward Small pale olive green bowl with 'u' on rim, 1995
Thompson, Edward Yellow-gold black bowl, 1995
Scobie, Lara Tall box, 1997
Proud, Tim Blue Raku Spire with Corner Pieces, 1997
Ross, Duncan Burnished Pot, 1993
Thompson, Edward Small ivory bowl with radiating lines, 1995
Horsman, Katie, MBE Two-part Vase, 1950 - 1955
Scobie, Lara Long boat, 1997
Horsman, Katie, MBE Cat, 1975
Figure of a Hunter
Lacquer box with silk bag
Japanese theatre mask
Shell game box
Lyndsay, Thomas Fithie salver
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