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Maker Title
Pettie, John James Guthrie Orchar
Dyckmans, Josef Laurens The Blind Beggar
Foggie, David Forfouchten
Maclean, William J A Night of Islands
unknown Paddle Steamer "Dundee"
Carmichael, Stewart The Mysteries (4 compositions in one mount)
Tilborgh (follower of), Gilles van Hunting Party Outside an Inn
Scott, William Pears
Carmichael, Stewart Jeanne D'Arc Listening to the Voices
MacGeorge, William Stewart Woodland Scene
Gowland, John Sailing Ships
Fletcher, Alan Still Life with Lamp and Cup
Carmichael, Stewart Blackness Vault, South Path, the Howff, Dundee
Milne, John Maclauchlan The Sound of Sleat, 1934
Birch, Samuel John Lamorna Old Norham on Tweed
Redpath, Anne White Tulips
McGregor, Robert The Knife Grinder
Linnell, John The Hollow Tree
Grieve, Alec La Rosiere (Souvenir of George Dutch Davidson 1879-1901)
Milne, John Maclauchlan Glenelg
Johnstone, William Northern Gothic
Lely (imitator of), Peter (Sir) Portrait of a Lady
McCulloch, Horatio A Border Keep
unknown Steam Ship 'Rubi'
Hodgson, John Evan Loot - "One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin"
Caracciolo, Giovanni Battista (called Battistello) The Sacrifice of Abraham
Fletcher, Alan Young Girl (Girl with Red Hair)
Buchan, Dennis White Place
McClure, David The Ritualists
Gunn, James Cartoon of Lord Dundee
Wilson, William Breton Fishing Boat
Batoni, Pompeo Girolamo The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
Dunlop, Ronald Ossory Chrysanthemums
Flint, William Russell Negro Dancers - Victoria, Ora and Serafina
unknown Mrs. Alex Keiller (nee Elizabeth Mitchell)
Reiach, Alan Anstruther
Laszlo de, Philip Alexius Sir William High, [LL.D., J.P.,] Lord Provost of Dundee, 1923-29 [see also 2000-59-1]
unknown James Brown (1784-1861)
Phillips, Charles Gustav Louis The Siege of Dundee, September 1651
Duncan, John The Fomors, (or The Powers of Evil Abroad in the World)
Bakhuyzen, Julius Jacobus van de Sande Dutch Landscape
Hunter, George Leslie The Big Ginger Jar
Cadell, Francis Campbell Boileau The Farm, Dumfriesshire
Ramsay, Allan 18th C Edward Harvey (1718-1778)
Furter, Franziska Summerwine
Stuart, Leslie Powrie Ardtoe
Bell, J. Torrington Glamis
Cursiter, Stanley Orkney Landscape
Peploe, Samuel John Mixed Fruit - Melon, Grapes and Apples
Reinagle, George Philip French Fishing Boats in a Gale of Wind Off Dover
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