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Maker Title
Mach, David The King is Dead
McCance, William Seated Figure (Lucy)
Buchan, Dennis Genever and Black Coffee
Carse, Alexander The Village Ba' Game
Johnston, George B. The Yellow Shop
Howie, James House with Red Roof
Knox, Jack Battle of San Romano II
Johnstone, William Ode to the North Wind
Foggie, David Getting Up
Macbeth, Norman Alex Keiller (1821-1877)
Archibald, Gordon R. Spring Sunshine - Laigh O' Moray
Gray, Joseph After Neuve Chapelle (10th March 1915)
Millais, John Everett Puss in boots
Grieve, Alec The Moonlight Sonata
Purvis, John Milne The Golden Horn
Grieve, Alec Robert Stirton, JP (1849-1917)
Carmichael, Stewart Melita Resting
Italian school The Immaculate Conception
Raeburn, Agnes Summer Flowers
Beyeren, Abraham van Still Life with a Lobster, Fruit, Silver and China Ware
Thom, James Dead Fowl
Black, Ann Spence Geraniums
Allan, Alexander Tree Study
Cooper, Francis Landscape with Hills
Gahan, G. Wilkie Portrait of Sheriff John Campbell Smith
Bough, Samuel Ben Ledi from the Pass of Leny, 1865/6
Graham, Thomas Alexander Ferguson At Tangiers
Duncan, John Portrait of a Lady
Bough, Samuel Tantallon Castle, 1869
Bough, Samuel Whitekirk Sands
Chalmers, George Paul Asleep
Bough, Samuel Kirkwall Harbour, 1866
Chalmers, George Paul Old Sheds
Chalmers, George Paul The Head of Loch Lomond
Chalmers, George Paul Loch Lee
Cameron, Hugh Head of a Girl
Bosboom, Johannes B. Old Houses
Chalmers, George Paul Girl in a Boat
Chalmers, George Paul The Lesson
Bates, Harry James Guthrie Orchar
Cameron, Hugh Lifting Potatoes
Cameron, Hugh The Kitten
Carmichael, Stewart The Artist's Wife
McCulloch, Horatio The Blasted Tree
Carmichael, Stewart Mrs.Jane Smith
Henderson, Joseph Gathering Wild Flowers
Millais, John Everett Lovers' Discovery
Patrick, James McIntosh The Tay Bridge
McTaggart, William Cut Roses
Patrick, James McIntosh Glenbran, Abernyte
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