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Packet for 'Midst Arctic Snows' postcards
Dundee whalers in Dundee Harbour. Windward and Morning.
Crew picture
Crew of a whaler built by Russell and Co., Glasgow and Greenock
Hogg, Richard Photograph of tickets from the Tay Bridge Disaster
Group portrai of some of crew of the whaling ship "Active" taken on board ship while in port
A splendid iceberg 300 feet high, Davis Straits
Photograph of a group of sailors and Inuit on deck of ship
Whalers at Albert Harbour, Davis Straits
Etah natives devouring raw seal fins Greenland
Sandon Perkins Inuit at Saunder's Island, Greenland
Polar bears - 'is mother dead?'
A trio of Arctic beauties, Greenland
Sandon Perkins, Esquimaux and dogs hunting in Arctic America.
Whaling in the Antarctic
Newspaper article about James McIntosh:Terrible Ordeal
Drawing of flensing spades
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Inuit woman holding the hand of a child
Inuit child wearing hat
Whale fin and blubber on the deck of a whaling ship
Pack ice
Sea view from whaler's deck
Inuit girls on foreshore
Inuit encampment
Three Eskimos
whale alongside a whaling ship
Gillies, F.N. Godhaven Innuit Girls
Image of a North Polar Chart
Seaman with carcass of caribou
Photograph of an Arctic fox in a gin trap
Photograph of the nest of an eider duck
Seaman with carcass of Caribou
Gillies, F.N. Snow buntings nest - Artic
Polar bear cub in oil cask
Image of a dead walrus on ice pack
Image of a case of stuffed birds and animals from the Artic
Perkins, Sandon Polar bear being hoisted on to the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Polar bear on the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Seal lying on ice floe
Dead polar bear and cub on the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Gillies, F.N. Polar bear on whaler
Pritchard, S W wreck of Wildfire
Pritchard, S W Highland of Disco
Pritchard, S W Lieveley, Arctic
Pritchard, S W Exeter Sound settlement
Pritchard, S W Exeter Sound settlement
View of a European style wooden house in the Arctic
View of a coastal settlement from a ship
European style Arctic coastal settlement
Midnight Sun off the North Cape
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