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Miller, T.F. The Harbour. Nova Zembla, Jan Mayen, Erik, Esquimaux
Gray, William, Capt. Lantern slide of a whale towing a whaleboat
Miller, T.F. The Horses Head
Miller, T.F. Dawrymle (sic) Rock. (Dalrymple Rock)
Miller, T.F. Admiralty Inlet, taken at midnight
Miller, T.F. Hills. N side of harbour
Miller, T.F. Upernavik from the back
Miller, T.F. Lievely Disco. The harbour looking W. and wreck of 'Wildfire'
Miller, T.F. Snow storm on Melville Bay
Seascape with land in background
Seascape with land in background
Miller, T.F. Lievely from the harbour
Miller, T.F. The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour
Seascape with land in background
Choppy seas from the deck of a whaling ship
Small boat heading toward unidentified land
Vew of sea and land from the rail of a whaling ship
View of unidentified bay from rail of ship
Storm approaching at sea
Seascape taken from deck of ship
View across sea towards land
View of sea from ships rail
Seascape with icebergs and land
A view of broken pack ice
Seascape with small iceberg on horizon
Seascape with iceberg and land in background
Unidentified bay with a moored ship.
Seascape with land in the background
Seascape with calm sea and distant ship on the horizon
Seascape with iceberg on horizon
Seascape with calm sea
Seascape with land in background
Rough seas on a whaling voyage
Seascape with land in background
View along unidentified shore in the Arctic
View out to sea from the bow of a whaling ship
View of sea, possibly with a whale blowing
Seacape with large ice berg
Large iceberg
Iceberg amid pack ice
View of field of pack ice
View of glacier flowing into sea
Cumberland Gulf?
Eskimo encampment
Eskimo encampment
Gray, William, Capt. Settlement of Upernavik or Lievely in Greenland
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Two icebergs off Disko Island
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Inuit settlement, Greenland
Shore station, Cumberland Gulf
Gray, William, Capt. Three kayaks paddling in a calm sea
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