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Chocolate box
Oxo tin
Packets for tea
Stout, George/The Alliance Trust PLC Celebration of 100 years of the Alliance Trust
Ward Chapel Magazine. March 1904
Lamond, William B. The Poet William McGonagall (1830-1902)
Low, Wm, & Co. Giant Advertising Teapot for Willow Tea
"Gasgold" Astral gas refrigerator
silver snuff mull
Astral fridge instructions and recipe.
Annual staff dinner for D C Thomson Staff
Return of Deaths for Nicholas White, steward on SS Balaena 1897
MPS (Maxpress) Game cards from Kingsway Bingo and Social Clubs. - 3 books
Promotional Leaflet for the opening of Dundee Kingsway Store Tues 26 October 1993
Morris, William, & Co. Stained glass window depicting Mary Queen of Scots
Cottier, Daniel, & Co. Stained glass window depicting John Graham of Claverhouse
The Terra Nova crew
I wish I knew about the SPECTRUM and the ZX81
Port Dundas Pottery ginger beer bottle
Uno Company coffee roaster
K. & B. Ltd. bottle
Rylands, Dan Lemonade bottle
Shortbread tin
Shortbread tin
Confectionary tin
Shortbread tin
Marmalade jar
cocoa tin
margarine packet
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Edinburgh Castle; The Esplanade
Tea packet
Tea tin
Storage jar
Storage jar
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Land's End with first & last house & Longships Lighthouse
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. The Spa, Scarborough. (134)
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. st Ives
William Low Memorial Trophy, Belmont Swimming Club Gents Butterfly Championship
Large wooden paddle for use in Keillers
Cotton reel from D.M.Brown
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. card - decorative - embossed gold and flowers
Print of whaler 'Terra Nova'
Gold Cup Winners Medal, Lochee United Football Club 1893-94
Two bowls in leather bag
University 'Mortar Board' Cap
Keillers Keiller Gold Medal Dundee Shortbread
Quirk, Henry Wool Tapestry Picture
Thomson, D.C. and Co Ltd Dundee The Broons
Moulinex hairdryer
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