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Photograph of football team of S.S. 'Active' on ice
Photograph of whaler and ice floes
Photograph of snowy mountains seen from sea
Photograph of cliffs seen from sea
Photograph of a distant shore, possibly with glaciers
Photograph: cutting blubber on deck of ship
Photograph of sailors gutting salmon on deck of ship
Photograph of whaler 'Active'
Photograph of mountain and ice taken from the deck of a ship
Photograph of Captain Thomas Robertson on deck of ship
Photograph of sailors tidying up the deck after gutting fish
Inuit group seated outside turf cabin
Five members of a whaling ship's crew
Photograph of natives, sailors, dogs and sledges on the ice
Dead polar bear on deck of ship
Photograph of an Inuit male seated on rocks
Photograph of a group of Inuits on a sledge on ice
Inuit child with hair in plaits
Gourlay Bros (shipbuilders) Model steamer - "Londres"
Trantum, J.A Portrait of Shedule, an Inuit
Three sailors on deck of a whaling ship
5 sticks raw jute
softened jute fibre
Photograph of whale being harpooned
Dundee Whaling Fleet, St John's Narrows
Dundee Screw Whaling Fleet
View of the Whale Fishery and the manner of Killing bears near and on the coast of Greenland
Print of whaler 'Terra Nova'
Crockett, Charles King Sperm Whale tooth
Lyon, James Model of a whaling boat
Low, W. L. SS 'Active', Dundee
unknown Model of a Svend Foyn harpoon gun
Crockett, Charles King Whale's eyeball
whale oil sample in acid jar
Hand Harpoon / Whaling Lance
Whaling harpoon/lance
Harpoon Gun
Handle for Walking Stick
sperm whale tooth
Scrimshaw on Walrus tusk
Baleen plate
Photograph of small whales being weighed on an Antarctic whaling voyage
White, Nicholas Sailor's Salt Bottle
Walking Stick
Walking Stick
Quirk, Henry Wool Tapestry Picture
Walking Stick Handle
Macklin, Thomas Thornton Journal of a Whaling Voyage, 'Narwhal'. 1874
Job reference
Continuous Certificate of Discharge.
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