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List of Ships for Greenland and Davis Straits, 1791
Whaling medal, 1788
Group of seamen flensing a whale
Whaleboats at sea
Adamson, Mr Letter to Ferguson & Sons Ltd, Sailmakers, 1866
Adamson, Mr Letter to Ferguson & Sons Ltd, Sailmakers, 1866
Whaler 'Active' in ice
Bearded seaman standing at the rail next to ship's wheel
Seamen with dead polar bears
Group of seamen posing behind a winch
Whaler in pack ice
Photograph of the whaling ship 'Terra Nova' in Tay
Whaling ship in the River Tay
Stern view of whaling ship in the River Tay
Seamen with dead polar bears
Gray, William, Capt. Upper jaws of whale with baleen hanging down
Gray, William, Capt. Master of a whaling ship
Gray, William, Capt. Two whaling ships searching for seals in an icy sea
Gray, William, Capt. Sealers establishing a seal pan
Eskimo woman in camp
View of pack ice and iceberg
Inuit children outside skin tent
Upper jaw of a whale being lowered onto the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Shore station
Miller, T.F. Group of innuit on deck of Erik
Miller, T.F. Upernavik taken at midnight. June 1
Toddy Ladle
Tobacco Pouch
Plug of Tobacco
Money Pouch
Toddy Ladle
Gun Harpoon
Nicoll and Jack Gun Harpoon
Making off on deck
Jawbone and baleen being lifted aboard a whaling ship
Model of Diagonal Whaleboat
Ferrier, W. Captain Harry McKay
S.S. Tay
Wanless, John Journal of a voyage to Baffin Bay. 1834
Antarctic Medal
Signal Flag from " Snowdrop "
Gillies, F.N. Inuit girl in igloo
Scrimshaw Work on Sperm Whale Tooth
Scrimshaw Work on Sperm Whale's Tooth
Johnson, Charles Tay Whale being lifted ashore
First Lieutenant Royds aboard Discovery
Gray, William, Capt. Lantern slide of a hood seal and pup
Wilson, George Washington Finner whale Stonehaven no 1
Gray, William, Capt. Whale turning over prior to diving
Gray, William, Capt. Harp seal and pup on the snow
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