HISTORY - Working Life

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Slide House Inuit man seated on rock
Slide House Inuit woman outside a skin tent
Slide House Group of Inuit children outside trading station hut
Inuit and camp
Group of Inuit with seamen
Deck of ship with Inuits and kyaks
Inuit on deck of whaler
Inuit carrying umiack
Small Inuit canoes accompanying umiack
Inuit tent interior
Gillies, F.N. Thamoniemost and youngest coona, in her snow igloo
Gillies, F.N. Man and women in front of tent
Gillies, F.N. 'Esquimaux', Dexterity Island
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. An umiack or woman's boat.
Gillies, F.N. Olnicks Funeral, Dexterity.
Gillies, F.N. Cape York Inuit with Dog Sledge
Two Inuit tents
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Portrait of Inuit woman standing on the deck of a whaling ship.
Four Inuit women beside the wheel of a whaling ship
Inuit children
Gray, William, Capt. Flensing a whale alongside a whaling ship
Gray, William, Capt. The cant of the whale appearing above the bulwarks
Gray, William, Capt. The cant at the mast head
Gray, William, Capt. Upper jaw of whale with whalebone
Gray, William, Capt. Sealers establishing a seal pan in the ice
Gray, William, Capt. Whaling men preparing/coiling whale lines on the deck of a ship
Gray, William, Capt. Twenty two foot of a whale's tail alongside a whaleboat
Gray, William, Capt. Ship's boats and whale alongside a whaling ship
Miller, T.F. The Dead Narwhal
Ogdens cigarette cards, whaling series. 25 in the series. 1. Embarking
Gray, William, Capt. Sealhunters hauling skins back to the ship
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Whale boat coming alongside whaling ship
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Trading station in Davis Straits
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. View of the deck of a whaling ship with some of the crew
Miller, T.F. The Dead Unie (Narwhal)
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Harpooner "spanning " on a whaleline to harpoon
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Two dead walrus on pack ice
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Pile of auk carcasses on deck of whaler
Rodger, A.M Seal skinning on deck of 'Active.'
Gillies, F.N. Crew making off whale blubber.
Polar bear being skinned
Members of a Dundee whaling crew gumming whalebone - splitting it into manageable lengths
Flensing a black whale alongside 'Terra Nova', 1894
Rodger, A.M Blubber being chopped for storage in tanks below decks.
Rodger, A.M Nantucket sleigh ride
Rodger, A.M Preparing seal skins, deck of S.S. 'Active,' 1894
Skinning walrus on the whaling ship 'Eclipse'
Whale being flensed beside ship
Gray, William, Capt. Whaling ship 'Terra Nova' beset in ice
Whale being flensed alongside whaling ship
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