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Crew of a whaler built by Russell and Co., Glasgow and Greenock
Group portrai of some of crew of the whaling ship "Active" taken on board ship while in port
Photograph of a group of sailors and Inuit on deck of ship
Gillies, F.N. Godhaven Innuit Girls
Gillies, F.N. Snow buntings nest - Artic
Gillies, F.N. Polar bear on whaler
Pritchard, S W wreck of Wildfire
Pritchard, S W Highland of Disco
Pritchard, S W Exeter Sound settlement
Pritchard, S W Exeter Sound settlement
Gillies, F.N. Seascape with birds
Gillies, F.N. group of twelve Inuit, men women and children
Gillies, F.N. Group of Inuit with igloo
Gillies, F.N. Inuit family outside skin tent
Gillies, F.N. Inuit woman mending shoes
Gillies, F.N. Dead whale going alongside ready for flensing
Gillies, F.N. Crew making off whale blubber.
Gillies, F.N. Making off walrus skins
Gillies, F.N. Whaling ship (probably 'Diana') in the Arctic
Pritchard, S W whalers anchored in harbour
Pritchard, S W four whaling ships moored in ice
Pritchard, S W Whaling ship at the edge of the ice
Photograph of seaman cooper David Petrie and his wife
William Scott, carpenter
Mr Cumming Taylor
Captain Milne and members of crew
Gillies, F.N. 'Diana's supply boats ashore in the Arctic
Gillies, F.N. Gravestone of William Yule in Arctic
Gillies, F.N. Posed photograph of European male and two Inuit and a dog sled
The Whaling Vessel "Diana" embedded in the ice in the Arctic Sea
sailors chopping up whale blubber on deck of ship
Miller, T.F. Group of innuit on deck of Erik
Miller, T.F. Upernavik taken at midnight. June 1
Gillies, F.N. Inuit girl in igloo
Miller T F The Owls
Miller, T.F. Millers Fjord, Ponds Bay
Miller, T.F. Salmon River, Eclipse Sound
Miller, T.F. The Harbour. Nova Zembla, Jan Mayen, Erik, Esquimaux
Miller, T.F. The Horses Head
Miller, T.F. Dawrymle (sic) Rock. (Dalrymple Rock)
Miller, T.F. Admiralty Inlet, taken at midnight
Miller, T.F. Hills. N side of harbour
Miller, T.F. Upernavik from the back
Miller, T.F. Lievely Disco. The harbour looking W. and wreck of 'Wildfire'
Miller, T.F. Snow storm on Melville Bay
Miller, T.F. Lievely from the harbour
Miller, T.F. The wreck of the "Wildfire" in Lievely harbour
Miller, T.F. Pomba, Mukpar's brother, Anuyah + Mukpar
Miller, T.F. Iglu. Winter hut
Miller, T.F. The Topekes
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