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Whaling ship sailing into River Tay from Dundee
View out to sea from port side of ship
Three masted whaling barque in the Tay.
Whaling ship steaming into the River Tay
Shore station produce being brought aboard
Whaling ship leaving Dundee docks 1906
Supply boats on a calm sea
Boat full of supplies coming to ship
Whaling ship amongst ice
Whaling ship in ice
Supply boats at sea
Supply boats returning to whaling ship in Cumberland Gulf
Whaling ship berthed in Dundee Harbour
General view of whaler in Dundee docks
Whaling ships in the River Tay
Gray, William, Capt. Whaling ship master
Gray, William, Capt. Captain Guy of S.S. 'ARCTIC'
Whaler with tug alongside
Portrait of a seaman
Annie Nicoll wife of Captain Gibb
Portrait of Captain Gibb ( a whaling captain)
Burn-Murdoch, W.G. Drawing of meal time on board a Dundee whaling vessel
Miller, T.F. The Broken Propeller - June 12
Miller, T.F. Carpenter, Blacksmith etc.
Miller, T.F. Carcases (Krangs) of whales
view from bows of whaler
Whaler crew and inuit on the deck of a whaler
Members of crew standing on the deck of a whaling ship
Ship's boat and a kayak
Walter Kinness
View of graves of Alex Reid and J Knight (Active) who died circa 1901
Deck of a whaling ship
Roger, A.M. Crewmen playing football on the ice
Livingstone-Learmouth, F. Whaling seamen collecting fresh water
Seaman at the wheel on the quarter deck of 'Terra Nova'
Whaling ship leaving Dundee
Captain William F. Milne on the deck of 'Eclipse'
Roger, A.M. Portrait of Captain Thomas Robertson
Narwhal tusk
Tay Whale Skeleton
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