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Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Large section of blubber being lowered onto deck of a Dundee whaling ship.
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. A whale being flensed alongside 'Eclipse'
A narwhal on the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Captain Williamm Adams in crows nest
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Skinning walrus on the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
Valentine, J., & Sons Ltd. Whaling crewman cutting tusks from a walrus skull
Flensing a whale alongside a whaling ship
Gillies, F.N. Dead whale going alongside ready for flensing
Gillies, F.N. Crew making off whale blubber.
Gillies, F.N. Making off walrus skins
A polar bear shot by one of the crew of 'Aurora'
Tail of a whale being lowered onto the deck of a Dundee whaling ship
S.S. 'Eclipse.' Capt Milne. Blocks attached to whale prior to flensing.
Rodger, A.M Drawing of a darting gun and two shoulder rocket guns
Crewmen of S.S. 'Eclipse' about to flense a black whale.
Hoisting whalebone aboard the whaling ship S.S. 'Eclipse'
Whale being prepared for flensing
whalers stripping a whale of its baleen
Whale being flensed alongside S.S. 'Eclipse'
Rodger, A.M Drawing showing whalebone being hoisted aboard a whaling ship during flensing
Whale tied up alongside 'Eclipse' prior to flensing.
A whale carcass on the slipway of shore station
Rodger, A.M Blubber being cut into lumps before being stowed away on deck. S.S. 'Active.'
Drawing showing whale boats towing a dead whale back to the whaling ship.
View of the deckhouse of 'Terra Nova'
'Windward' and 'Wildfire' in Dundee docks
Two masted schooner Nannuk
Two whaling ships anchored to an ice floe.
Whaler 'Scotia' in Dundee harbour.
Whaling ship 'Erminea' with whale carcass alongside
'Eclipse' moored to floe
'Eclipse' moored to ice pack
Whalebone being lowered to the deck of 'Eclipse'
S.S. 'Eclipse' moored off Disko Island
Photograph of a whaling ship, taken from the deck of 'Eclipse.'
S.S. 'Eclipse' off Disko Island.
S.S. 'Eclipse' at anchor at Godhaven, Disko Island, Greenland.
'Eclipse' moored to ice-floe
Whaling ship in the Firth of Tay
Whaling ship 'Diana' in pack ice
Dundee Arctic trading vessel 'Easonian' moored to buoy
Whaling ship 'Eclipse' moored in pack ice
Gillies, F.N. Whaling ship (probably 'Diana') in the Arctic
Whaling ship in the Firth of Tay
Whaling ships 'Balaena' and 'Eclipse' in pack ice
Perkins, Sandon Dundee whaling ship 'Balaena' in ice near Disco Island
Dundee whaling ships S.S. 'Balaena' and 'Eclipse' in pack ice
Whaling ship 'Active' in Dundee dock.
Seaman's painting of SS 'Arctic'
Whaling ship at anchor, possibly at Bressay Sound
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