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Maker Title
Ahlmann, Per Copenhagen 500, 2004
Geertsen, Michael Green Wall Object, 2005
Malone, Kate A Tutti Frutti Bubble Pyramid, 2004
Struckmeier, Margaret Lizard vase, 1987
Struckmeier, Margaret Beetle vase, 1987
Lyons, Gerard Mycenaean Water Jug, 1969
Lang, Andy Glazed earthenware jug, 1987
Campbell, James Castle with Walled Enclosures and Maze and Bridge, 1991
Caiger-Smith, Alan Amber Red Lustre Jar, 1989
Cohen, David Apple Bottle, 1984
Young, Hella Large Green Bowl, 1959
Glob, Lotte Lilac Pool, 1987
Nelson, Harry Raku and Lustre Bowl, 1992
MacIntyre, Muriel J. C. Fire Bowl - Large, 1993
Bird, Stephen Man with bath on his head, 2000
Glob, Lotte Rock Tooth No 3, 1994
Glob, Lotte Geyser blue, 1994
Glob, Lotte Bowl, 1994
Ross, Duncan Burnished Pot, 1993
Horsman, Katie, MBE Two-part Vase, 1950 - 1955
Horsman, Katie, MBE Cat, 1975
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