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Solomon, Solomon Joseph Lord Provost William Longair (1843-1933)
Philipson, Robin Crucifixion
McClure, David Girl in Orange Studio
Farquharson, David Dundee from Harecraigs
Knox, Jack Cafetiere and Bread Basket
Morrocco, Alberto Portrait of James Aitken
Fleming, Ian Window on the Sea
Hutchison, William O. (Sir) Richard Fenton, [D.L., J.P.] Lord Provost of Dundee 1949-1952
Carmichael, Stewart Ex-Bailie Daniel Shoebotham Smith, J.P.
Patrick, James McIntosh The Tay Road Bridge
Howie, James Wait
Knight, Laura, Dame The Last Act (or "The Circus - The Last Act")
Israels, Isaac The Egyptian Drummer Girl
Johnstone, George Whitton Landscape
Pettie, John William Robertson Esq. (1825-1899) Provost of Dundee 1875-78
Buick, Alan Road to Loyal Farm
Phillips, Charles Gustav Louis Dundee from Balgay
Milne, John Maclauchlan San Tropez
Hunter, George Leslie A Cottage in Fife [verso - oil sketch of café scene in the South of France]
Lamond, William B. The Poet William McGonagall (1830-1902)
Morrocco, Alberto Window in Orbitello
McClure, David Flowers in Vase and Chalice
Martin, Pauline Portrait of Lord Provost John Letford, JP
Redpath, Anne Terraced Fields, Gran Canaria
Drummond, B.M. Sailing Ship 'Sea King'
Low, W. L. SS 'Active', Dundee
Burn-Murdoch, W.G. Dundee Antarctic Whaling Expedition (1892-3)
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