The Angus moth project

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Little is known about moths in Angus and Dundee yet there is a wealth of information hidden in our museum collections. The Angus moth project aimed to release this information and make it available to everyone.

We looked at the moth collections in Montrose museum, University of Dundee collections and in Dundee council’s collection for moths from the old county of Forfarshire, to find out when and where they were collected. The three collections spanned almost a century from 1894 to 1990?

In many of the collections the only information was on labels attached underneath the pinned moths.

Delving into this hidden world revealed the hidden gems within. We discovered the histories of the collections and collectors and unearthed some fascinating facts and colourful moths.

The information gathered from the collections has been put onto computer databases and has also been sent to the National Moth recording scheme for use in a National moth atlas to be produced in 2018

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