Angle 63

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William Scott
Born Greenock, 1913-1989

Angle, 1963

Oil on canvas
Bequeathed 1969 by A. F. C. Turner and presented 1972 through the Contemporary Art Society
Museum number 12-1972

Scott created 'Angle' in 1963 and it was included in his solo exhibition at the Hanover Gallery in London that year. Most of the titles of the paintings shown referred to conceptual qualities or events, reflecting how Scott’s work was changing at this time, using a limited repertoire of non-representative forms to embrace abstraction to a greater extent than ever before, with a more painterly and less graphic approach.

Here semi-circles, triangles with rounded corners and a diabolo shape are loosely outlined with a free hand and filled in with generous unpremeditated, uneven brushstrokes of paint. The forms appear to float over a neutral, flat background often going right up to the canvas edge, suggesting movement, rhythm and their existence beyond the picture frame. There is no central, focal point in the image which instead consists of the subtle contrast between the cream and white tones and the dominance of the black elements in an asymmetrical composition.

Angle 63
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