The "Arctic" (II) from the "Erik's" bridge

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The "Arctic" [II] from the "Erik's" bridge; 1876.
Original photograph by T. F. Miller [1850-1927]
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card.

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller
Museum number 1987-326-3

Underneath this sepia print are the words 'The "Arctic" from the "Erik's" bridge, while above is written 'Lievely Disco island.' The picture has a view of the whaling ship "Arctic" in harbour. The bowsprit of "Arctic" is pointing to the right and the view is of the starboard side looking aft, with all her sails furled. There is a small group of men on the ice between the two ships, and land in the background.
Built in 1875, "Arctic was a Dundee whaling ship. She was unusual as her funnel is forward of her mainmast, while other vessels had the funnel between the main and mizzen. Captain Adams was her best known master.

The "Arctic" (II) from the "Erik's" bridge
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