Bathing costume

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Bathing Costume

Donated by Mrs M. Souter
Museum number 1979-737

By the 1920s swimming and taking seaside holidays were becoming more popular. This costume, made of dark coloured wool, is typical of the period for both men's and women's costumes.

The first public baths were built in Dundee, on a site donated by the Harbour Trust, in 1848 to provide washing facilities to the increasing factory working population.

Dundee Council took over the running of the Public Baths in 1870 after years of private committees. Renovations took place and Turkish Baths were added to the swimming 'ponds'. Victorian Turkish baths involved sitting in hot dry rooms followed by washing and possibly a plunge into cold water or massage.

The baths were closed in 1974 and demolished a year later.

Bathing costume
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