Benten Shrine on Shinobazu Pond (Shinobazu Benten)

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Utagawa Hiroshige II

Benten Shrine on Shinobazu Pond, from the series 'Famous Places of Edo'
Print, woodblock

Donated by Mrs A.P. Mathewson, 1914
Museum number 1914-178-43

Utagawa Shigenobu was the chief student of Ando Hiroshige. His early works are very much in his master’s style and he is known to have contributed to Hiroshige’s last great series of landscape prints, ‘The Hundred Views of Edo’.

After Hiroshige's death in 1858, he formally adopted his master's name, and is mostly referred to as Hiroshige ll. During this period his work strongly resembles that of Hiroshige I, both in style and subject matter. He produced many series of prints, the majority focussed on views of Edo. Here, people are shown strolling beneath cherry blossom on the shore of Shinobazu Pond.

Benten Shrine on Shinobazu Pond (Shinobazu Benten)
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