Carcases (Krangs) of whales

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Carcases [Krangs] of whales; 1876
Original photograph taken by T. F. Miller [1850-1927]
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller in 1983
Museum number 1987-326-35

This sepia print has the words 'Carcases [Krangs] of Whales printed beneath. Behind a stony foreground, two groups of people are posing on the remains of two dead whales. On the viewer's right, two seamen are standing on the body while an Inuit sits down. To the left of the picture, two seamen are standing on top of another carcass. There is a stretch of frozen water behind them, with low hills in the distance.

Carcases (Krangs) of whales
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