Carpenter, Blacksmith etc.

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Carpenter & Blacksmith etc; 1876
Original photograoph by T. F. Miller [1850-1927]
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller in 1983
Museum number 1987-326-14

This sepia print has the words 'The Carpenter, Blacksmith. etc' underneath it. The photograph shows a scene on the deck of a Dundee whaler. In the foreground a bearded man is sawing lengthways down a plank of wood. The wood is supported on a trestle, while the man's foot is holding it steady. To the right of the carpenter a younger man is sitting on a barrel, stroking a dog. He has a short pipe in the left corner of his mouth and his feet are not touching the deck. Between the two, a young boy is sitting on the deck, possibly asleep. There is an anvil in the right foreground, with a man in profile behind. In the background is another bearded man.

Carpenter, Blacksmith etc.
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