Cartonnage case, Egypt

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Cartonnage, unknown date
Field Collection: Egypt
Plaster and textile

Museum number 1976-1708

Full length and tapering towards protruding foot. Made of plaster and textile. Relief face-mask painted yellowish brown with black eyes and eyebrows. Relief shoulder-length wig painted dark green, with ends decorated in polychrome geometric and floral bands. Painted headdress with feathered edges in greens, greys, and browns, its decoration continuing up between sides of wig to chin. Rest of cartonnage covered with six painted panels of decoration arranged horizontally down front, predominately in greens, greys and red-browns. These depict birds, serpents, human beings and hybrids in standing postures and usually inward-facing. The top three panels are full-width and the bottom three are divided centrally by a narrow panel of hieroglyphics running vertically.

Cartonnage case, Egypt
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