Cartonnage Mask of a woman, Ptolemaic, Egypt

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Cartonnage mask, Ptolemaic period (305-30BC)
Plaster and textile

Field collection:Egypt

Donated by Sir James K Caird, Bart. 1914
Museum number 1914-204-37

Mask and surrounding rectangular 'apron' made of course woven fabric and covered with white plaster. The face is gilt, with the lips and nostrils red, the eyes white with black pupils and the eyebrows and hair black. The hair is moulded to give the effect of locks. Traces of a headdress with flowers also visible. The 'apron' is grey and pink on white and has bands of pattern, birds, animal (Anubis the Jackal and the winged scarab beetle) and figure (including Nekhbet and Wadjet, Isis and Nepthys) scenes on it.

Cartonnage Mask of a woman, Ptolemaic, Egypt
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