Certificate of Discharge

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Certificate of Discharge issued 1890
Issued by the Board of Trade
Certificate made of paper

Donated by Mr James Mathieson in 1890
Museum number 1969-124-9

The Board of Trade issued this Certificate of Discharge to Mr George Mathieson in 1890. Across the top, in large letters, it says: 'Certificate of Discharge' with the logo of the Board of Trade on the left. The certificate states that Mr George Mathieson was aged 43 and had been born in Peterhead. It also states that Mr Mathieson had been employed as a harpooner on the 236 ton, Dundee registered vessel 'Active' between the 6th March 1890 and the 29th August 1890. 'Active' carried the official number of 19557 and had a 40 horse power engine. Her master was Thomas Robertson, who signed the bottom of the certificate. On the reverse of the certificate, Mr Mathieson had been given the character of 'VG' for both ability and conduct.

Certificate of Discharge
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