Certificate of Discharge for James Reid

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Certificate of Discharge for James Reid, 1886
Sanctioned by the Board of Trade
Made of paper

Donated by Mr A. Downton, 1969
Museum number 1969-173-1

This Certificate of Discharge was issued to Mr James Reid on the 23rd September 1886. It states that he was employed on a 'Running Agreement' with the Newcastle registered ship 'Millicent' between the 18th August 1886 and the 22md September 1886. It also said that Mr Reid was 25 years old and had been born in Arbroath, while 'Millicent was a 490 ton vessel of 99 horse power. John Brown, the master had signed the bottom of the Certificate, which was issued in the Merchant Marine office in Gloucester. On the reverse of the Certificate, Mr Reid's character for ability and conduct are both given as 'Very Good.'

Certificate of Discharge for James Reid
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