Cherry Blossom at Mukojima

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Kesai Eisen

Cherry Blossom at Mukojima, from the series 'Cherry Blossom at Famous Places', 1815-42
Print, woodblock

Donated by Mrs A.P. Mathewson, 1914
Museum number 1914-178-69

Eisen is particularly famous for his pictures of beautiful women, known as bijin-ga. For a while he trained as an ukiyo-e artist under Kikagawa Eizan, the leading bijin master of the day. Eisen developed his own style, often accentuating the voluptuousness and sensuality of his subjects. As his reputation soared, he became the leading artist in the genre.

This print depicts the courtesan Hanasaki with a background landscape of cherry blossom along the River Sumida in Edo (now Tokyo). Her lavish mode of dress illustrates the fashion of the times, and suggests her high status.

Cherry Blossom at Mukojima
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