A City Garden

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James McIntosh Patrick
Born Dundee, 1907-1998

A City Garden, 1940

Oil on canvas
Purchased 1940 with the Ower Bequest Fund
Museum number 2-1940

This is one of McIntosh Patrick’s most accomplished paintings and was purchased by Dundee in 1940, the year in which it was made and exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. It shows the artist’s back garden, which he painted while waiting to be called up to the army.

He explained: ‘The war being on made all the little intimate things suddenly very precious and there was no knowing but that the Tay Bridge would be bombed next week.’ McIntosh Patrick’s wife, Janet, is depicted hanging out the washing while his daughter, Ann, is delving into the clothes basket. On the left, an Anderson air-raid shelter is being excavated by the horse and cart.

A City Garden
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