The Curtain (13 Seconds)

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Torsten Lauschmann
Born Bad Soden, Germany, 1970

The Curtain (13 seconds), 2007
Colour photograph from a series of stills from a Real Time computer-generated animation

Purchased in 2008 from mary, mary, Glasgow
Funded by the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland and the National Fund for Acquisitions
Museum number 2008-05

Glasgow based artist Torsten Lauschmann works in a wide range of media including animation, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, making him one of Scotland's most interesting contemporary artists.

The photograph "Curtain" captures a moment in time - 13 seconds into a computer generated animation based on Conways's Game of Life mathematical explorations. Though a captured moment in time, the still image retains an element of movement. Its colour harmony and light create the optical illusion of movement for the viewer.

The Curtain (13 Seconds)
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