Denhead Farm

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Born Glasgow, 1932

Denhead Farm, 1964

Oil on canvas
Purchased 1967 with the Morris Trust Fund
Museum number 1-1967

Morrison studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 1954. He established his reputation with a celebrated series of paintings of Glasgow’s decaying Victorian tenement and terrace architecture begun in the late 1950s, including 'Back Court, Rotten Row, Glasgow' of 1955 also in the City's collection.

Three years later Morrison moved to Catterline, Kincardineshire where he lived until 1965. The change of environment from the great industrial city of Glasgow to the soft beauty of the fertile, farmed Kincardine countryside was immediately reflected in his work, as can be seen here. This painting veers between abstraction and realism and features agricultural architecture, mainly depicted in black and isolated within its rural setting, perhaps recalling the thickly begrimed buildings surrounded by the remnants of demolition which had concerned the artist before.

Denhead Farm
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