Display Model of Cox's Jute Works, Camperdown

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Model of Cox's Camperdown Works circa 1900
Commissioned with monies provided by DAGMA.
Museum number 1985-166

The Cox family came to Scotland from the Netherlands in the sixteenth century and quickly established themselves as linen merchants near old Lochee, buying cloth from the hand weavers. The people of Lochee were dependent on them for the sale of their goods. So, when Cox's moved, the village moved with them. Soon Cox's outgrew the site at Foggieley and the four Cox brothers bought a large site and began to build Camperdown Works. They also built the houses in Lochee village for their workers, most of who were brought over from Ireland.

Cox's were the first firm to specialise wholly in jute.

Display Model of Cox's Jute Works, Camperdown
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