Glacier and the 'Esquimaux'

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Glacier and the "Esquimaux" in 1876.
Original photograph taken by T. F. Miller [1860-1927.]
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card.

Donated by Mr T. T. Miller, 1983
Museum number 1987-326-21

Underneath this sepia print are the words 'Glacier and the "Esquimaux." The photograph shows the Dundee whaling ship "Esquimaux" from the port quarter. The vessel is on the central right, with her sails furled and whaleboats suspended from their davits. In the background are high hills, with the white ice of the glacier to the left. "Esquimaux" was a Dundee whaler from 1865 until 1900, when she was transferred to United States ownership and renamed 'America.'

Glacier and the 'Esquimaux'
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