Hand harpoon with double-fluked arrow-shaped head

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Hand harpoon
Made of iron

Purchased by Mr Richard Maude in 1983
Museum number 1983-157

This is a hand harpoon, which means the harpooner stood in the bows of a small whale boat and threw it at the whale, rather than firing it from a whaling gun. The harpoon has a double-fluked head shaped like an arrow and has stop-withers, the reverse barb to prevent the weapon from sliding free from the whale. There are also some fragments of whipping cord wrapped around the shaft. The head of the harpoon is marked '1833' and 'IA' and 'Horn.' 'Horn' was a Dundee whaling ship sailing in 1833, so presumably 'I A' would be a harpooner.

Hand harpoon with double-fluked arrow-shaped head
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