Larch on easel, Buttermere Shore #1

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Tim Knowles
Born England, 1969

Larch on ease,l Buttermere Shore #1
Tree drawing and photograph

Purchased in 2008 from the artist
Funded by the National Collecting Scheme for Scotland and the National Fund for Acquisitions
Museum number 2008-74-1&2

Tim Knowles' art is rooted in the most fundamental element of an artist's practice - drawing. Yet, he creates drawings that are independent of his own hand, using elaborate apparatus or time consuming practices.

This diptych is from a series in which the artist attached pens to the tips of branches of various trees, placing paper under them and allowing the chance movement of the wind to dictate the composition of the final drawing. Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.

Larch on easel, Buttermere Shore #1
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