Large wooden paddle for use in Keillers

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Donated by Mr W. J. Howard
Museum number 2004-27

This wooden paddle would have been used for stirring marmalade in the boiling house. You can see how it has become shortened through use and where it rubbed up against the edge of the large copper vats.

Keiller's was founded in 1797 by Mrs Janet Keiller and her son, James, as general confectioners. It eventually became one of the most important commercial companies to emerge from Dundee and Keiller's marmalade one of the most famous brand names in the world.

Between the wars, Keiller's in Dundee made a large range of products, including bakery items. They had eight bakers' shops in Dundee and opened a restaurant in the High Street in 1840. The Forum Shopping Centre is built on the site of their Albert Square works.

Large wooden paddle for use in Keillers
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