Man and women in front of tent

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Man and woman in front of tent
Original photograph by F. N. Gillies, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card.

Donated by Mr A. Taylor, Taylort,, 1974
Museum number 1974-407-18

Beneath this sepia print are the words: 'Shanggougaa & his thee Coonas.' The photograph is of an Inuit tupek or tent, with a man, three women and two children. The man is standing to the right of the picture, dressed in furs and with a short pipe in his mouth. There is a young woman standing at the entrance to the tent; she has a light coloured top on and a long skirt. The other two women are sitting, one holding a fur-clad baby and the third with a child sitting in front of her. Behind the tent is a rising hill, with a patch of snow. The term 'coona' is a derogatory' word for a woman.

Man and women in front of tent
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