Medical Licence within the Wanless papers

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Medical licence within the Wanless papers
Licence made of paper

Donated by Miss Mary Tansley, 1957
Museum number 1957-423-31

This medical licence is double sided and printed with black ink on thick off-white paper. On one side it is headed 'Province of Canada' and has a blue date stamp of 'May 4 1869.' The 18 lines of text begins: 'His Excellency The Right Honourable James, Earl of elgin and Kincardine. . .' It states that 'John Wanless of the City of Montreal' . . . 'has been examined and found qualified to practise Physic, Surgery and Midwifery.' On the reverse it is stated that the document is a medical license and has a diploma from the 'Faculty of Physicians and surgeons of Glasgow, Scotland.'

Medical Licence within the Wanless papers
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