Mr George Paterson of Castle Huntly

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Sir Henry Raeburn
Born Edinburgh, 1756-1823

Mr George Paterson of Castle Huntly, c. 1790

Oil on canvas
Purchased by Private Treaty sale with the assistance of The Art Fund, the Heritage Lottery Fund, The National Fund for Acquisitions, the Leng Charitable Trust and the Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Association, 2005
Museum Number 2006-28

George Paterson (1734 - 1813) was born in Dundee, the son of a master weaver. He spent five years in India, becoming confidential adviser to the local prince, the Nawab of Arcot.

In 1775, he returned to Dundee a rich man. He married an aristocrat and bought Castle Huntly in Perthshire - seen in the background of the painting.

Renowned as Scotland's leading portrait painter, Henry Raeburn has succeeded in capturing the sitter's personality as well as his likeness. This portrait reveals George's calm intelligence, his enquiring mind and his humanity.

Mr George Paterson of Castle Huntly
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