Mrs. Alex Keiller (nee Elizabeth Mitchell)

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Unknown artist

Mrs Alex Keiller
Nee Elizabeth Mitchell (c1813-1871)
Oil on canvas

Presented by A Keiller, 1952
Museum number 4-1952

Elizabeth Mitchell married Alexander Keiller in 1848. Alexander was Director of Keiller's at a pivotal point in its history. Under his stewardship it became a global concern.

Alexander and Elizabeth had two sons James (born 1849) and John Mitchell (1851-1899). The family lived at 164 Nethergate. She died in her late fifties and therefore did not live to see the exclusion of her eldest son from the Keiller firm and his subsequent estrangement from his father. John Mitchell Keiller would take over the majority share of the firm on his father's death.

Mrs. Alex Keiller (nee Elizabeth Mitchell)
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