One of six Accounts of Wages for Charles Myers

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One of six Accounts of Wages for Charles Myers, 1854
Sanctioned by the Board of Trade
Made of paper.

Donated by Mr Robert Myers, 1978
Museum number 1978-1099-3

This Account of Wages was issued to Mr Charles Myers on the 5th November 1877. It said he was engaged in a whaling voyage between the 7th May and the 4th November on the vessel 'Ravenscraig.' It also said he earned £23 13/- for the voyage and the master was Captain West. His rate of wages was £3 a month, but in addition he had earned £5- 5/- [five pound five shillings (five pound and 25 pence] ] for oil money, 7/6d [37 pence] bone money and 2/6d [12.5 pence] fast boat money. The oil money was calculated by the amount of whale blubber brought back, the bone money on the amount of whalebone or baleen and the fast boat money was for being in a whaleboat that 'got fast' or harpooned a whale. Deductions included advance payment, stores and tobacco. On the back of the certificate are details of service in the Royal Naval Reserve and instructions how to pay a portion of earned wages to a relative or into a Savings Bank.

One of six Accounts of Wages for Charles Myers
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