Pharaoh's Daughter Discovering the Infant Moses

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Unknown Bolognese Artist
Around 1700

Pharaoh's Daughter discovering the Infant Moses
(on the verso) Head of a Woman

Pen and brown ink with brown wash on buff paper

Museum number 16-1956

Pharaoh ordered that new-born sons of the Israelites should be cast into the river because “the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we” (Exodus 1:9). When Moses is born his mother lays him in a basket of bullrushes and sets him on the water just as Pharaoh’s daughter comes to the river to bathe. She discovers the baby, adopts him and brings him up in the house of Pharaoh.

The drawing records the moment when the baby wept and Pharaoh’s daughter “had compassion on him” (Exodus 2: 6).

Pharaoh's Daughter Discovering the Infant Moses
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