Portrait of Captain Wm. Adams Sr.(1832-1890)

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W Ferrier

Portrait of Captain Wm. Adams Sr. (1832-1890)
Oil on canvas

Donated by Captain W. Adams Jr.
Museum number 8-1941

Captain Adams, Sr., seated with map of Davis Straits on table to his left. This was a posthumous portrait, copied from a photograph. It shows the captain in a dark jacket and trousers and with a heavy beard. Captain Adams was one of Dundee's most prominent whaling captains and held the record for sailing the furthest north during his career. He was employed for most of his career by Alex. Stephen & Sons, Shipbuilders and Whaling Company until his retirement. He bought his own vessel, 'Maud,' which he came out of retirement to command. He took ill on a whaling voyage and died shortly after being put ashore.

Portrait of Captain Wm. Adams Sr.(1832-1890)
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