SS Diana in Godhaven Harbour, Disco

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SS Diana in Godhavn Harbour, Disco
Original photograph taken by F. N. Gillies, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry
Photograph made of paper, mounted on card

Donated by Mr A. Taylor, 1974
Museum number 1974-407-5

This sepia print shows the Dundee whaler 'Diana' in Godhavn Harbour, Disco, off Greenland. The vessel is facing left, with all her sails furled but wearing a flag at her mizzen mast. The crows nest is quite prominent at the top of her mainmast. There is a whaleboat tied up astern and two other small boats floating beside her, with further whaleboats hanging from davits on board. Behind the vessel are snow streaked hills, with one partially shielded by cloud. Under the photograph the mount is inscribed 'SS Diana in Godhaven Harbour Disco.'

SS Diana in Godhaven Harbour, Disco
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