S.S. "Terra Nova" (the "Discovery" Relief Ship)

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S.S. "Terra Nova" [The "Discovery" Relief Ship]
postcard published by Valentines of Dundee
Postcard made of card

Donated by Ian Hendry 2008
Museum number 2010-86

This black and white postcard shows the Dundee built ship 'Terra Nova' lying within an unidentified dock. The photograph was taken from the port bow, and shows the port side of the vessel. Her sails are furled but there are men working on deck and in a small boat beneath her bows. There is red lettering below the image giving the title of the postcard. On the reverse there is a stamp with postmark, dated 22 Nov 1903, and addressee and initials of sender.

S.S. "Terra Nova" (the "Discovery" Relief Ship)
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