Still Life 1941 (or "The Lustre Jug")

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Harry KEAY
Born Dundee, 1914-1994

Still Life with Lustre Jug, 1941

Oil on canvas
Purchased 1991 with 50% NFA grant and 25% The Art Fund grant, William Leng Fund
Museum number 7-1992

Harry Keay studied at Dundee College of Art. He was exempt from military service during the war due to a bad right arm but he was part of the observer corps. From 1945 until his retirement in the mid-1970s, Keay devoted his life to teaching art.

Keay became a highly skilled left-handed painter, producing works of great technical excellence. This is one of Keay’s most accomplished works. The painting is unusually crisp and hard-edged, giving a feeling of waxiness to the shining red apples. It shows the influence of Keay’s teacher, James Cowie and also that of his friend and mentor, James McIntosh Patrick. The intensity and hyper-realism evident is characteristic of Keay's still life paintings, which were his forte.

Still Life 1941 (or "The Lustre Jug")
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