Still Life with Lamp and Cup

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Alan Fletcher
Born Glasgow, 1930-1958

Still Life with Lamp and Cup, circa 1957,
(Green, Red and White Still-Life)

Oil on board
Purchased 1968 with 50% NFA grant
Museum number 5-1968

After graduating from Glasgow School of Art, Fletcher became sculptor Benno Schotz’s assistant. He died aged twenty-eight, but had already begun to exhibit in public, including in Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York and Moscow.

Most of his surviving work dates from the last two years of his life, including this work. In this painting, flat planes of colour and simplified still-life objects are thickly painted on a rough board support, creating a carefully balanced, austere composition and a feeling of rawness and immediacy. This approach suggests that Fletcher was aware of the work of the Russian artist Nicolas de Staël.

Still Life with Lamp and Cup
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