Surprise Series No 4

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Born St Andrews, 1912-2004

Surprise Series No 4, 2000

Acrylic on arches paper
Purchased 2002 with a 50% NFA grant and 25% Art Fund grant
Museum number 2003-11

One of Scotland's most celebrated abstract painters, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham had a UK wide reputation. She became a leading member of the St Ives School, which came to the forefront of British Art during the 1950s. Her earlier abstract compositions frequently found their origins in landscape.

Surprise Series 4 was painted in the artist's 88th year and exemplifies chance effects and freedom that dominated her late paintings. She said "Now I am in a state of urgency. My theme is celebration of life, joy, the importance of colour, form, space and texture. Brushstrokes that can be happy, risky, thin, fat, fluid and textured."

Surprise Series No 4
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