The Tay Bridge from my Studio Window

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James McIntosh Patrick
Born Dundee, 1907-1998

The Tay Bridge from my Studio Window, 1948

Oil on canvas
Purchased 1962
Museum number 18-1962

Tay Bridge from My Studio Window of 1948 was McIntosh Patrick’s first major painting after the war. It shows the view from the front of his house, as opposed to from the back, as in the City Garden works. Magdalen Green, the Tay estuary and its railway bridge are visible, whilst the artist painted the railings from memory, as they had been removed as part of the war effort.

The artist explained: ‘I always had the idea of painting two pictures constituting two views, as it were, from the same spot. A City Garden was the view to the north of the house and in due course I painted the Tay Bridge as the view to the south.’ The artist’s wife Janet stands at the gate with Lulu, the dog, while their son Andrew is riding the bicycle. David MacDonald, a stockbroker and dog-breeder, walks on the edge of the green with his pack of dogs. The horse and cart belonged to Roy, the fruiterer.

The Tay Bridge from my Studio Window
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