The Terra Nova crew

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The 'Terra Nova' crew
Black and white photograph made of paper

Donated by Miss A. E. Sharp, 1957
Museum number 1957-425-4

This black and white photograph shows the officers and crew of 'Terra Nova' just before they sailed south to rescue Captain Scott and his ship 'Discovery' that was trapped in the Antarctic ice. The officers are lined up on the quarterdeck, wearing their dark uniforms and flat caps, with Captain Harry McKay prominent in the left centre. In front of the officers and slightly lowed down are the crew. All are wearing uniform, some the dark blue of the Royal Navy, others white and those that wear hats have the name 'Terra Nova' on them. The men in the immediate foreground are sitting, two with arms folded. The others are in a variety of positions, but all are looking forward.

The Terra Nova crew
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