Third Month (Sangatsu)

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Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

Third Month, from an untitled series, 1815-42
Print, woodblock

Donated by Mrs A.P. Mathewson, 1914
Museum number 1914-178-48

Kunisada was a trendsetter in the art of the Japanese woodblock print and worked in a wide range of styles according to the tastes and fashions of the changing times. He did not adhere to the stylistic constraints set by any of his contemporaries and in comparison his work is slightly less stylised and more humanised.

He apprenticed in the workshop of the master of the Utagawa School, Toyokuni, from whom he took his name. Like his master, Kunisada’s main occupation was kabuki (theatre) and actor-portrait prints. He also produced bijin-ga – images of beautiful women. Unlike many other ukiyo-e artists, he was commercially successful from the start of his career.

Third Month (Sangatsu)
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