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Wolfgang Tillmans
Born Remscheid, Germany, 1968

Tomatoes, 2003
Two of an edition of 10
C-type print

Purchased in 2006 from Maureen Paley
Purchased with funds from the Contemporary Art Society’s Scottish Arts Council lottery funded National Collecting Scheme for Scotland, with additional support from the Art Fund
Museum number 2006-32

Tillmans photography encompasses an encyclopaedic subject matter and he is often described as the 'chronicler of his generation'. He doesn't view his work as portraiture, still life, landscape or abstraction, stating:

"When we see a person we don't think 'portrait'; when I look at my window-sill I see fruit in a bowl and respond to them, I don't first see 'still life'. That's how I want to convey my subject matter to the viewer, not through the recognition of pre-determined art historical/ image categories but through enabling them to see with the immediacy that I felt in that situation."

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